BioGod is near. It’s a realization both Chad and Kathlyn Parrott came to the hard way. For Chad, that understanding came when he allowed God to lead him out of a lifestyle of a drug and alcohol addiction. For Kathlyn, after a lifetime in the church, the real and life-saving presence of God came to her in a hospital room, as she battled complications from childbirth that very nearly killed her.

Chad and Kathlyn are quick to say that they are just like so many modern couples, running a home-improvement business together, building a music career that fuels their passions, raising a young family with all the crazy schedules that entails. They learned to find the clear, comforting presence of God in a world that so easily can drown it out. They want others to find it, too.

“By telling the story of our experiences in our music, we hope we show people that there is a different way to live your life…a life filled with the peace and contentment that only God can give,” Kathlyn said. “The world will always be full of struggles and worries. People need hope, that only Christ can offer” she said.

It is a message that is resonating with their audiences. As sought-after performers the pair have become known for the combination of their often-autobiographical lyrics, Kathlyn’s heart-felt vocals, and Chad’s powerful guitar arrangements. Once you’ve experienced their unique brand of Christian contemporary music, you’ll see; God has never been so real.

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